Celebrities warn against the dangers of binge-watching TV (x)

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First and last words

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❝ I found out that I would die the day before we had the table read. Marlene King called me and told me. At first I was really nervous because it was my last episode, and I was very sad because obviously I love being a part of the show. But the next thing she said was don’t worry, you’ve still got a job. You’re still going to be on the show ‘til the end, you’re just going to be flashback girl. And I said, OK, I trust you. ❞

— Janel Parrish (via thebestplltheories)
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[listen] purple; songs that define that remind you of purple. light, fun and happy.

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im literally tired 30 hours a day

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Helen McCrory’s face in 2013

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